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Alcohol Advertising And Youth Essay

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Alcohol Advertising and Youth: A Measured Approach
August 13, 2012

The Center on Alcohol Marketing also known as “CAMY” has conducted research on alcohol advertising and our youth. CAMY was created to monitor alcohol company marketing practices in the U.S. The exposure to our youth is through television, radio, magazines and on the internet. The research shows that alcohol companies have deliberately placed advertising where our youth is exposed instead of gearing their advertising towards legal drinking adults.

Alcohol consumption among our youth is an international public health crisis. Hastings has analyzed the exposure of ...view middle of the document...

for magazine audiences and TNS Media Intelligence for occurrence data.

The results are astonishing! When CAMY analyzed the magazine advertising they found that young people aged 12-20 were exposed per capita to 48% more beer ads, 20% liquor ads and 92% more ads for “alcopops” CAMY also analyzed exposure data by gender their findings are astounding. Girls saw 68% more beer ads and 95% more alcopops per capita than woman, while boys saw 29% more beers ads and 37% more alcopops ads more than men.

CAMY has laid the groundwork and has proven data that these alcohol companies are targeting our youth. I believe on a federal level that these companies should be fined for knowingly placing their ads in magazines that are targeting our young teens. I also believe they should have some way to check the legal age of someone who is entering their website. Most importantly I believe it is up to the parent. I believe a lot of this could be prevented by starting at home. Parents need to know what their children are watching on TV. Parents...

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