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The clutches that alcohol has on those dependent on it can make fleeing from it very difficult and, at times, almost impossible. Some people are able to have one or two drinks and stop - then there are those that do not know when to stop or who must drink on a regular basis. It is common for people to drink at social functions or with meals, but getting together with friends or family does not mean that alcoholic drinks need to be served to ...view middle of the document...

The person is not born with this, but makes the choice to drink and then it is up to them if they can be a social drinker or they end up becoming an alcoholic. It is hard for alcoholics to break free from their addiction and often they do not want to. Once dependent drinkers are unable to control their drinking, they may attempt to hide it by drinking in secret.”
There are complications other than addiction that affect some alcohol dependent people. Serious physical disorders to the organs and tissues may arise - chronic diseases can occur such as cirrhosis of the liver, pellagra, and gastritis. “The most dramatic rubic is death from alcoholism and the related causes.” Cirrhosis of the liver is one of the disorders that people die from. “Cirrhosis is a life threatening condition that occurs when scarring damages the liver. This scarring replaces healthy tissue and prevents the liver from working normally.” If the liver has so much damage that it no longer functions properly, the option of a liver transplant is available – there is usually a stipulation that an individual with alcohol induced cirrhosis remain alcohol free for a minimum of six months to be eligible for a transplant. Alcoholics who are deprived of alcohol for a period of time they suffer withdrawal symptoms including irritability and shaking. Gastritis is inflammation or irritation of the lining of the stomach and most of the time can be treated with medicine. Pellagra is and infection of the skin, with severe constitutional and nervous symptoms. This seems to be very painful.

When medical problems occur because of alcohol consumption, it most likely will affect the individual’s job. Some places of employment require that employees be completely free of alcohol consumption for stated amounts of time before reporting to work; drinking may keep someone from being able to work on certain days. When medical problems arise from the use of alcohol, those affected will likely miss days of work. Having to be hospitalized for very long could...

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