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Alexander Ii Essay

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Alexander II was pronounced Tsar in 1855 after his father died. On his Nicholas I death bed he said the following to his son:
“I hand over to you my command, unfortunately not as in good order as I would have wished”

Although Alexander II was not a natural reformer he had recognised the need to reform.
He was certainly more receptive to new ideas and understood the need for change. The need for reform was evident a long time before Alexander II became Tsar of Russia. Alexander II believed that part of his responsibility involved developing and improving the power and prestige of Russia. This was done to restore the country’s dignity and assisting Russia to become a leading power of ...view middle of the document...

To decide how successful Alexander II reforms were it is important to examine each one individually and then make a conclusion as to how successful the Reforms were.

In February 1861 Alexander II embarked on the important reform of the Emancipation of the Serfs. This was not the first time that the Emancipation of Serfs had been attempted. The reason for this reform was to free the peasants and give them a greater incentive to work. This lead to a grain surplus which gave the Serfs the chance to make money, furthermore this gave them the opportunity to export grain. In turn this lead to individuals investing money in industry to build a stronger and less reliant Russia.
Those Serfs that were mobile were given the opportunity of moving to towns to enable them to work in industry. Giving the Serfs more opportunity and achieve greater prosperity.
This however produced limited impact on the modernisation of Russia as there was limited progress in agriculture and the land was held in common by the Mir.

The first problem that Alexander II faced was the aggression and anger of the gentry and nobility who feared chaos and unrest in the short term and long term
Some of powerful Nobles did not agree but Alexander said ‘It is better to abolish Serfdom from above than to wait for the time when it begins to abolish itself from Moscow after he signed the Treaty of Paris for the Crimean war in 1856. Hereinafter, the Emancipation of the Serfs was implemented; the Serfs would have to pay to be free.

Emancipation of the Serfs was not really successful as it led to disorder in Bezdna , the gentry of Tula and Smolensk province concluded that losing their status as serf owners permitted the nobility and gentry to a greater political influence. Many of the Serfs were not better off. This led to them losing interest in increasing crop yields and furthermore improving efficiency. This was mainly due to the limitations of private enterprise.

The Emancipation of Serfs opened more reforms including military reforms, local government reforms, judicial reform, educational reforms, censorship reforms, economic reforms and church reforms

When Alexander II decided to embark on the next phase of reforms- Judiciary Reform he called upon Dmitri Zamyatnin the Minister of Justice to assist. This reform was a logical step from the partial codification of Russian law and the founding of a legal profession under Nicholas I.
This became a necessary reform due to the abolition of feudalism.
Alexander II set up committees, the new system although it was a success did suffer a few imperfections as there was a shortage of trained lawyers. In addition to this the state still had arbitrary powers.

Although Alexander II faced criticism on his plan to reform the judicial system this was one of alexander ii successes as it revolutionised justice in Russia. Even so the new system was far more superior to the old; the reason for this was there was far less...

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