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Alexander The Great Essay

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Alexander the Great became king of Macedonia when he was only twenty years of age. Before he became king his father, Philip II, would take him on military campaigns. After his father’s death, he quickly moved to assert his authority. People considered Alexandra the Great a brilliant military tactician and leader. During the reign of Alexander the Great, Alexander would change the face of Europe and Asia forever. Out of all the Alexander conquest, his main purpose was Darius III, he was the top leader of the Persian army.
After crossing the Aegean Sea, on the mainland of Asia Minor, with his men. Alexander’s first stop was at Troy. While he was there in Troy he visited the grave of Achilles and ...view middle of the document...

As he marched down the coast of Phoenician, he without difficulty seized every city except Tyre. Finally Tyre gave up after a seven month siege. Afterward Alexander and his army headed to Egypt where he founded the city of Alexandria. As he left Egypt in 331 B.C. king Darius was still on Alexander’s mind.
After capturing the territory between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, Alexander’s army found the Persians at the Plain of Gaugamela. This battle would mark a turning point for the Persian leader. Alexander’s army wanted to fight the Persians at night. But Alexander wanted to face his enemy on the battlefield in broad day light. Alexander’s army overwhelmed the Persians, but Darius escaped once again.
During 330 troubles were established in Alexander’s inner circle. Accusations to plot to kill Alexander were brought against some of his officers, including a lifelong friend. After the rest in Persepolis, Alexander continued his pursuit of Darius. But when Alexander had finally caught up with him, Darius was already dead, at the hand of his own men.
In an extraordinary campaign that went on for eleven years. Alexander fulfilled his claim by continuing into Central Asia as far as the Indus Valley. Alexander used the stratagems and battle configurations that his father developed. Alexander’s proficiency to extemporised on short notice was just one mark of his outstanding leadership. After Alexander’s death all the lands that he had won was divided up among his generals. It was these political dissections that encompassed the many kingdoms of the Hellenistic period.

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