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All About Acid Rain Essay

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Acid Rain
Rain is one of the most essential ingredients for human and animal life. The water provided by rain allows all life on Earth to survive. Although rain is naturally acidic, it is being increasingly acidified by pollution from homes, factories, power stations and cars. The term used to describe this problem is “acid rain”. Acid rain hasn’t just occurred in the last twenty to thirty years. In fact a chemist named Robert Smith found rainfall in Manchester, U.K., to be very acidic. He suggested a link between acid rain and SO2 given off when coal was burnt by local factories. This was over 100 years ago.
Acid rain is caused when pollutants from cars, homes, factories and ...view middle of the document...

In the northern hemisphere sulphur emissions are decreasing steadily, due to pollution controls in industry. NOx emissions, however, are not yet in such steady decline.
The acid from rain takes important minerals from the leaves of trees and from the soil. Acid rain also releases toxic metals from the soil which damage the roots of the trees. The trees are weakened, cannot grow properly and are attacked by viruses, fungi and pests. Eventually the trees may die. Direct damage to trees occurs when SO2 blocks the pores on the leaves, through which the trees takes in the air they need to live. Forest floods that are affected by acid rain have high concentrations of metals like aluminum and lead. When animals drink from acidic lakes and dew that have been affected, the metals they take in may gradually poison them.
There is an obvious link between acid rain and damage to human health. People can be harmed by breathing in the chemicals from dry deposition, causing chest illness. Also when acid rain causes the release of metals and chemicals into drinking water, it can damage people’s health. When air pollution is breathed in as people walk along the street, it gets into their lungs. Once in the lungs, it acts like a poison, causing the airways in the respiratory system to become narrower. This lets in less oxygen and breathing becomes difficult. If SO2 is breathed in, it can pass deep into the alveoli, which is where oxygen is passed into the blood. The moisture in the lungs can turn the sulphur dioxide into sulphuric acid, and cause damage to the body. In some polluted cities, such as those in California, smog stations have been set up to monitor the output of polluting exhaust gases.
To reduce acid rain industry’s have to cut down the amount of SO2 being produced when fossil fuels are burnt. Therefore, they can: use coal which contains little sulphur, remove the sulphur which is in the coal, and use another type of fuel, or burn the coal in such a way that the sulphur is destroyed. There are many other ways of combating this problem; however, the best way to solve this issue is to prevent emissions of pollutants in the first place. Reducing the amount of NOx emissions caused by car exhaust is an effective solution. Public transport systems need to be improved so that people can travel without having to use their cars. If more people used public transport, it would cut the number of private vehicles on the roads, and would reduce pollution dramatically. Everybody needs to work together to reduce pollutants to make the world a safer and healthier place to live.
Acid rain is very harmful to the environment. Acid rain damages everything over a period of time because it makes the living things in the environment die. Acid rain affects the life in the water as well as the life on land. It is almost worse in water than on land because the fish that are in the water need the water to breathe. When the water gets polluted, then the fish...

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