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All About Eve Essay

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Alec Tejeda Shcmidt

“All Abound Eve”

All about Eve is a dramatic film in the fifties, that got many academy awards nominations, and
won six of the fourteen nominations. I have always enjoyed, the slow transition of changing a character during a film or TV series, I am fully aware it is no easy task, and the character with the most settle, yet enormous change during this film has definitely have to be Anne Baxter. The beginning of the movie was very dull for her character, there was nothing really outstanding about it, and made me question why this actress was nominated for an academy award. Her counterpart, Bette Davis would easily catch my attention because of her cockiness, and Anne ...view middle of the document...

Everyone seems to care and notice about Eve by this time in the movie and her character is starting to loosen up a lot more. Bette Davis's emotions begin to get a settle change, she begins to talk to a lot more of Margo's friends, and seems to be pushing Margo away from her circle.
Margo gets drunk in a party and yells at everyone because of the discomfort of she has about herself, specially about her age. This is when, the Drama is a lot more noticeable, Margo has discomfort with her emotions and Bette Davis is part of it, she knows its an important time in her career, and has a script written for a play specifically for Margo yet she doesn't feel like shes young enough to do so, there are plenty of other girls that can do that and even better. As for now she just displays this emotion with anger, her friends begin to think differently of Margo, saying how they are tired of how she treats them, Margo then goes up to sleep. Later on in the film, Margo is late for an audition, 2 hours late to be exact, and Bette Davis was elected to do Margo's paper since she is her student and does an excellent job, everyone is astonished for how well she did and got the paper, and...

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