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Amanda Wants Help
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Amanda Wants Help
At 30, Amanda has been abusing different types of substances for about 15 years. Today, she has nicotine, alcohol, and pain medication addictions; and her habits are taking a toll on her health and lifestyle, as currently, she can neither hold a job nor pay her bills. Clearly, Amanda needs help; however, for any support system to have an effect, the addict must express a desire for changing his or her circumstances. In this case, Amanda wants help, so as part of her support system, finding the appropriate recovery program for her will be crucial.
Besides the pain medication, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are extremely risky combination. Though it may seem impractical to quit smoking and to stop drinking at the same; Axia College (2010) states that, studies reveal that undergoing treatment for nicotine and alcohol addiction ...view middle of the document...

Axia College (2010) held that, women are more vulnerable to the effects of cigarettes and alcohol; every cigarette a female smokes is roughly equivalent to two cigarettes smoked by a male. For example, even with the same level of exposure to cigarettes, women have higher rates of addiction than men and are at greater risk than men to develop cancer.
For someone like Amanda with 15 years of substance abuse, breaking the habit will not be easy. In tailoring a program for her specific needs; her program will involve pre-treatment, out-patient care, and a 12-step program. Pre-treatment is non-judgmental and non-confrontational compared to the traditional intervention; this program will allow her to confront or explore her fears about giving up her substance abuse habits in an open-ended way. Pretreatment with the aid of qualified counselors will essentially help her to give up slowly her habits and prepare her for the out-patient program. At this stage, I believe Amanda needs the structure of an out-patient program in which she would be accountable to a professional as oppose to a peer in a 12-step program. The different modalities of treatments that exist in out-patient programs would allow her to take advantage of available options such as individual and family meetings. The educational and group therapy characteristics of family meetings will allow Amanda’s support system (family and friends) to be even more involved in her recovery.
In addition to support from family and friends, I would recommend a 12-step program as another strategy to decrease her chance of relapse. I believe that simply completing the out-patient program will not necessarily be enough to keep Amanda on a path of sobriety. Once she is on her own, joining a 12-step program will be essential because these support groups operate under the concept that addictions such as alcoholism is indeed a chronic illness and constant support will be needed for a lifetime.

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