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Amazon Introduces Prime Air Essay

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PUAD524- Public Budgeting
Fall 2014
Vanessa Weatherington

“Amazon asks permission for drone flights”
Julian Hattem

As Amazon’s customer base grows the company is seeking to launch a faster way to deliver packages, drone flights. Amazon recently asked permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to test drones in their regulated airspace to determine the next course of action for their new delivery method “Amazon Prime Air”. Hattem believes this is a sign that the company has every intention to move forward with the new delivery plans as they have also hired lobbyists to spread the word about the initiative. “Amazon Prime Air”, is said to have the ability to deliver packages in 30 minutes or less, a huge difference from the company’s current fastest ...view middle of the document...

The FAA, a federally run agency, will be required to reform and institute new policies surrounding the commercial use of drones. This requires the utilization of federal dollars to fund additional manpower to work on instituting new regulations and drone testing. The federal government is also impacted in that additional staff will need to be hired and trained to manage the increased airspace traffic. As mentioned in chapter 15 of the textbook, Intergovernmental Relations: Structural and Fiscal Features of the Intergovernmental System, the United States alone includes over 89,000 local governments and the District of Columbia. State and Local Government are also impacted as this will require new laws to be put into place to manage the new delivery process. Drone deliveries will need to be planned, budgeted, coordinated and executed with the cooperation of decision makers all over the world. In chapter 13, Capital Assets: Planning and Budgeting, Analysis, and Management, all factors drone users and State decision makers will have to agree upon.

The purpose of this article is to provide more information on the possible implementation of drone deliveries, not just by Amazon, but by companies all over the nation. The ability to use drones commercially would be a huge leap for companies but is it the best way to deliver goods? In my opinion drone delivery will provide cost savings to companies while only minimally impacting on the workforce negatively. Drones will need to be operated and monitored which will allow for job creation at the FAA and within the IT field. With constant threats to our national security the FAA must consider more than just the customers convenience. I do not believe the use of drones, to make deliveries for purchased goods, will happen in the immediate future.

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