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American Cinema Essay

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American Cinema
Unit 2

1. Oligopoly is the exclusive ownership of a industry by several companies acting in concert.
Vertical integration is the studios’ control not only of the production of movies but also their distribution and exhibition.
The story department consists of workers that are professional readers employed by the studio. They hire these workers to find and develop script ideas out of newspapers, magazine articles, plays, and books.
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Radio-Keith-Orpheum was one of the five major production studios in Hollywood.
United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc., et al. is the Supreme Court decision which ruled that the studio system constituted an oligopoly because it depended on such illegal practices as blind bidding and block booking.
Blind bidding is a standard practice in which an exhibitor was forced to rent a movie from a studio without ever having been given the chance to see it or learn anything about it.
Minors, was the name given to the three smaller studios in Hollywood during the studio era.
2. A and B are false
3. Studio system ended after the Supreme Court ruled in the late 1940s that the studios were engaging in unfair business practices. The unfair business practices were owning not only film production facilities but also distribution and exhibition facilities.
4. A false, B true, C true, D true
5. I believe that the studio system changed the American film art. I believe the difficulties it presented to filmmakers really showed that they really wanted to be shown as individuals instead of a team. this was because they wanted to show their ideas and not the teams ideas. The filmmakers wanted the world to see the ideas of one person and not the different ideas of a team.

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