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After the post war era there was a development of what has come to be known as ‘popular culture’. One of the main processes was the advancement of Technology, through many new inventions such as radios, television, entertainment, music and the style of fashion.
The arrival of American movies and films and the invention of television have also contributed to the Americanisation to Australia. American films were released in Australia, and they became more popular than Australian films. American movies and films such as “I love Lucy”, have been blasted onto many Australian TV screens. Films were a great influence to ...view middle of the document...

Radios were playing music by Elvis Presley and Col Joye which influenced Australia’s society to where we are today. Australian’s fell under the influence of American rock n roll music. Rock n roll stars such Elvis Presley became very successful because teenagers adored him, his hairstyle, fashion and his moves which drove teenagers wild and he was an idol for the teenager’s generation.
Australian fashion has also changed as a result of Americanisation. New fashion and clothing worn by American movie stars were referred as fashionable and influenced many teenagers and even older people to follow American way of life. Many Fashion clothing was brought about in films, where movie actors such as James dean showing how he portrayed his fashion icon wearing a leather jacket and tight jeans. This shaped Australian teenagers of how they wore fashion differently due to the influence of American fashion. Elvis Presley, who was portrayed as a sexual object. Teenagers all over Australia all wanted to imitate his appearance and fashion, including his hairstyle and clothing for social purposes. However the elderly generations had objections and were offended by this as they thought of him as rude and a bad influence.
Americanisation has been a long term process. This process has caused a significant change in the way we spent our leisure time, spent our money, communicated, dressed and socialized with friends and families.

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