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American History X Essay

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The movie that I chose to review is American History X. I picked this movie because this relates to popular culture in so many ways. The first way that it relates is the fact that people back in the day white individuals were racist against blacks and other minorities. The second way is that although faced with adversity you have to adapt to the current situation that you are arises. You can choose to go down the right path or your current path. This is exactly what happened in this movie. Derek had to embrace the aspects of being in a situation that he was not comfortable with and do the best that he could with it. Even though he had a swastika tattoo on his chest, the prison officials ...view middle of the document...

This all had to be included in the paper as well. The principle told Danny that Derek was also a student for him and was a straight “A” student in high school just like Danny was. The principle stated that Derek hung out with the wrong group of people and changed. After their father’s death, it appeared to trigger the hate rid that Derek had for other racial groups other than the whites. Later Derek established himself as one of the most infamous skinheads in his home ground and started the D.O.C. With his stature throughout the community, it allowed him to rally other disturbed kids to join the skinheads. While in prison, his fellow skinheads raped and beat him simply because he elected to become friends with a fellow black inmate. Although they could help the Hispanic people with little incentives but it was wrong for Derek to be friends with the black man. The two worked together in the laundry area of the prison. The two began to talk and became good friends during the three years in prison. When Derek is finally released from prison, he is shocked to see that his younger brother is headed right were he was. So Derek quits the skinhead gang, called the D.O.C., and he attempts to reform his brother. Derek was succeeding in reforming his brother, but in the end his brother was shot by a young black male. In the end Derek and Danny able to move all this stuff in the house.

The main characters of this film are Derek and Danny. Derek joins the D.O.C. basically the result of this was prison. Derek states that it was the death of his father that triggered the racism. Derek’s racism should be blamed on his father. His father showed signs of racism, and he expected the then once open minded Derek to have those same racist views as well. After his father’s death those views stuck with him, and he was also so vulnerable which made joining the D.O.C. seem like a good idea. Joining D.O.C. didn’t help Derek out any, he was always starting trouble and then he killed two you black men. When Derek got out of prison any one could tell that Derek has changed. Derek disregarded all of his past views about other races, all because he became friends with a black inmate.

Danny isn’t that bad of a guy either, he seemed to be a good son. The tragic arrest of his brother, left him vulnerable, and alone. So he joined the D.O.C looking for help or just a place for him to belong. Another reason I think he joined the D.O.C. is because he probably felt that it was the black man’s fault for Derek being sent to prison, or maybe he was trying to honor his brother by following in his foot steps. When Derek was released, Danny was shocked to find out that Derek’s views has changed. At first he didn’t want to except it, but after they talked he was willing to let Derek reform him. Danny was on the way to recovery from being a skinhead when he got shot in the boys restroom at school.

One sociological concept that I would say relates to the story line, would be...

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