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Amul's Introduction In Supply Chain Management

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Introduction OF COMPANY:

The brand name "Amul," is derived from the Sanskrit word "Amoolya," (significance Precious) was proposed by a quality control master in Anand.), shaped in 1946, in India. It is a brand name managed by an apex cooperative association, Gujarat Co-agent Milk Marketing Federation ltd. (GCMMF), which today is together possessed by approximately 2.8 million milk producers in Gujarat, India.
Amul is situated in Anand, Gujarat and is best known for its achievement in the dairy cooperative. It is one of the best illustrations of co-agent accomplishment in the creating economy. "Any individual who has seen the dairy cooperatives in the state of Gujarat, particularly the ...view middle of the document...

Drverghese Kurien , previous executive of the GCMMF, is perceived as a key individual behind the accomplishment of Amul.
Overview of GCMMF:

The Amul Model:
The Amul Model is a three Tier structure:
Dairy Cooperative Society is at a Village Level.
Unions at a District level
The Federation at a State level.

Amul’s Strategy:

Amul basically follows the two one tactic that is the collection of milk in which after the milk is collected, it weights the quantity of milk and determines its fat content and on that basis its purchase price is been calculated. And on the other hand is the supply chain, in which the milk is been stored, processed and distributed.

Supply Chain Management of Amul:
AMUL is a dairy Cooperative in Gujarat, India that is known for its unique ideas to turn into the world's biggest milk maker. The unique feature of this ideal model includes dealing with an extensive decentralized system of suppliers and makers, synchronous improvement of businesses and suppliers, incline and proficient supply chain, and achievement leadership. Every day Amul gathers milk, changes over the milk into marked, bundled items, and conveys merchandise to the retail outlets over the country. To actualize their vision while holding their concentrate on ranchers, a progressive system of cooperatives was produced, this today structures the powerful store network behind Gcmmf's endeavours. The unlimited and complex inventory network extends from little suppliers to huge fragmented markets. Management of this system is made more intricate by the way that GCMMF is directly responsible just for a little piece of the chain, with various outsider players (distributors, retailers and logistics help suppliers) assuming vast parts. Dealing with this supply chain efficiently is discriminating as GCMMF's focused position is determined by low customer prices supported by a minimal effort arrangement of giving milk at a fundamental, moderate cost.
The distribution system:
Amul items are accessible in excess of 500,000 retail outlets crosswise over India through its system of in excess of 3,500 merchants. There are 47 warehouses with dry and chilly stockrooms to cushion stock of the whole scope of products. Gcmmf transacts on a development interest draft premise from its wholesale...

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