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An Analysis Of The Effects Of The Big Four Super Markets On The Local Producers, Retailers, Community And Economy Of The U.K

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An Analysis of the Effects of the Big Four Super Markets on the Local Producers, Retailers, Community and Economy of the U.K

Introduction to the ‘Big Four’:
Grocery shopping in the United Kingdom is dominated by four companies that have opened up retail outlets there. All of these companies are British. They all have a huge market share and have thus earned the title of ‘The Big Four.’ Following is a small introduction of each of the four brands along with their market share both inside and outside the United Kingdom.
Tesco is the multinational company that offers grocery and general merchandise. It is a retail business that has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. Functioning from ...view middle of the document...

7 percent of UK sales. The headquarters of Sainsbury’s group is located in Holborn, City of London. The family that founded this group still holds a significant amount of shares from the company.
Product range:
The ‘Big Four’ supermarkets claim that they offer a broad range of products and good to their customers. For example, Tesco offers items ranging from fresh foods and groceries to tangible durable goods like electrical appliances, furniture, car parts, jewelry items, a separate clothing line as well as items to appeal to your area of personal interest such as books and DVDs. Not only that, Tesco has its own bank which provides services like credit cards, current and saving accounts, and insurances on cars, homes and the like. Moving on to the second of the Big Four, Asda also proves that it is no less a force to be reckoned with as it provides in addition the products mentioned earlier a range of freshly baked goods, pets for sale, and a laundry service. Other services it provides are women’s hygiene, dental care, sun care, skin care and cosmetics that are renowned throughout the United Kingdom. Morrison sells goods labeled under its own brand, meaning that it has personalized lines of services. These include ‘M Savers’ under the category of which food, drink items, and toiletries come, ‘M Kitchen’, that include ready to eat meals that can also be taken away, and soups and sauces tailored to the personal linking of each different individual. ‘NuMe’ is another service line that caters to the needs of health conscious people and includes over three hundred frozen types of dishes, and finally the WM Morrison, which are products more expensive as compared to the other product is provides, but are also better in quality. It is designed for the more affluent class of the U.K. Sainsbury’s also sells products under its own label, but this constitute of only about twenty percent of the whole product range it provides. One unique specialty of Sainsbury’s is that is also sells many products as fair trade. This means that the a percentage of profits gained from the selling of fair trade items will go to help the development of development countries, particularly in the Third World. Also, it has a smaller range of high quality services such as flowers whose tag name is known as ‘Different by Design.’ To compete with ‘NuMe’ of Morrison’s, Sainsbury has also released a line called ‘Be Good to Yourself’ that involves healthy food products with low caloric content.
The advantages:
The Big Four have also promised in addition to the wide range of products, the convenience of shopping at one place and at low costs in comparison to other smaller super markets. In essence, you can go to any one of their outlet location, and can roam about the seemingly endless aisle and get all of the items on your shopping list, even if it means activating a credit card, or buying a dress for your daughter’s birthday. All your requirements get fulfilled easily from one...

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