An Essay On The Short Story Prospect House

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An Essay on the Short Story P rospect House
This English short story, which was published in Harlot Red in 2002 , has been adapted from a short
story by Frances Childs . The story deals with the themes of friendship and love. Love is very
fundamental, if you want to be happy. Right from our birth our parents love us, which is a love that
lasts no matter what happens. Also it is necessary to have a girl- or boyfriends who shows affection
and care for you and besides that the love from friends is very important in order to have a good
life. The main character called experiences love through her friends, but she doesn’t have a
boyfriend or parents, who take care of her.
Frances Childs ...view middle of the document...

“My illness had made the Prospect girls frightened of me, I’d
thrown a knife at Di, not to really hurt her, more to see if I could get away with it and I had.” (ll. 25
- 27). She enjoys having this faint power because she has never really had any success.
Her longing for power and self-fulfillment also finds expression when we hear how happy she is
that she has got the part as Abigail, who has a great power by virtue of her witchcraft. “As I read I
realize I’ve never wanted anything so much in my life.” (ll. 100 - 101). She also identifies herself with Abigail because they both miss love. “ We are both alone in this world, both have a terrible
freedom:” (ll. 109 - 110)
However she does have two friends, Di and Andrea, and they do show her affection. They express
their feelings in an indirectly way because they too have had rough conditions of life and have
learned not to be vulnerable. Mostly they show their love by defending each other in fights. For
instance and Andrea help Di when she gets beaten up by Rob and at the end Andrea thrashes
the girl, who wants to fight with Kimhis is what they see as a good friendship, but Andrea and...

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