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An Introduction To Managerial Styles Essay

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Camelot College

Programme : CMI Management and Leadership
Unit Title : An introduction to managerial styles
Unit Number : 4001
Unit Level : Level 5
Module Tutor : GOWHER MALIK

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Also some employees may take advantage of the fact that their manager is democratic by not working to their full potential and allowing other group members to 'carry' them.
Autocratic Management Style
In contrast to the above an autocratic manager dictates orders to their staff and makes decisions without any consultation. The leader likes to control the situation they are in. Decisions are quick because staff are not consulted and work is usually completed on time. However this type of management style can decrease motivation and increase staff turnover because staff are not consulted and do not feel valued.
Consultative Management style
A consultative management style can be viewed as a combination of the above two. The manager will ask views and opinions from their staff, allowing them to feel involved but will ultimately make the final decision.
Laissez Faire Management style (Delegative/ Free Reign)
A laisses faire manager sets the tasks and gives staff complete freedom to complete the task as they see fit. There is minimal involvement from the manager. The manager however does not sit idle and watch them work! He or she is there to coach or answer questions, supply information if required.

Measures of Effectiveness
Management involves getting work done through the co-ordinated efforts of other people.
Good managers are most likely to be judged not just by their own performance but also by the results of the other staff members. Their effectiveness can be assessed with some factors as:
* The strength of motivation and morale of staff
* The success of their training and development, and
The creation of an organisational environment in which staff work willingly and effectively.

Both terms, efficiency and effectiveness, are used widely through the business world to determine levels of improvement and provide suggestions to the management. These two distinct but closely related variables are used extensively alongside productivity to set objectives and goals, predict future results, correct wayward behaviour and set the boundaries that define an operation...

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