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Jameelah Ross
Case 5
Module 5

Factor analysis of survey data confirmed three factors: comfort
with research and statistics; the relationship of research and
statistics to work; and interest in research and statistics. Pre- and
post-survey and achievement data has to be gathered, as well as
demographic data. In the quest to improve post-secondary learning
environments, team teaching as an androgogical tool has enjoyed
sporadic attention, both historically and institution-ally.
Instructors and students who have participated in collaboratively
taught classes enthusiastically outline its benefits as compared to
solo-taught courses.
Some recommend team teaching as a fairly low-cost, yet
innovative, method of enhancing instruction. “Team teaching most
often refers to two or more faculty members who jointly produce a ...view middle of the document...

In so doing,
it asks and answers: Is there a statistically significant difference
in student comfort with course material, the relationship of course
material to work and interest in course material, as well as in
academic performance between team-taught and solo-taught sections of
research and statistics? Participants include college of education
graduate students who self-selected into sections prior to their
knowledge of the learning environment.
To begin the research you must ask the following: Is there a
statistically significant difference in graduate student comfort with
research and statistics, the perceived relationship of research and
statistics to work, and interest in research and statistics between
team taught and solo taught sections? And second is there a
statistically significant difference in student achievement in a
research and statistics course between team taught and solo taught
sections? Each student must complete a survey, and the t-test will be
The study will employ quasi-experimental research design of pre-
test, post-test control group. The effects of two strategies (team
teaching and conventional) on the academic achievement will be
examined. There is not a lot of evidence for a review of literature
although other studies have been done on team teaching. This will be
strenuous study as there are many people in the Masters Program.

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