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Analysis Of Market Prospect To Internationalize A Product Of

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Letter of Transmittal
12th October 2015

Md Arifur Rahman
Asst. professor
Faculty of Business Studies
Bangladesh University of Professionals

Subject: For the acceptance of the Term Paper Report.

Dear Sir,
It gives me immense pleasure that we are undergoing the undergraduate degree in Faculty of Business
Study (FBS), Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). We were needed to compose a term paper
report that is on Internationalizing a Bangladeshi Product: Sun Chips.

Via this application we would like to submit our term paper report with its associated details. We have
put our best efforts ...view middle of the document...

STL started its challenging journey with
branded coconut oil under the brand “Jui” in 1988.
Currently STL, is operating with the trust of Bangladeshi consumers with 16 famous brands.
STL manufactures and markets a wide array of consumer toiletries products ranging from Hair Oils,
Toilet Soaps, Baby Care, Dental Care, Shaving products, Fabric Care, summer to winter products. The
company also markets Feminine Hygiene products and mosquito repellent manufactured by its sister
concern, Health Products Limited (HPL) and Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd (SPL) respectively. In a very
short time Meril, Jui, Kool, Senora, Chaka, White Plus, Xpel and Magic have become most familiar
brands to consumers
Production of STL products is carried out at its two automated plants in Rupshi and Pabna. While the
Toilet Soaps and Feminine Hygiene products are manufactured at Rupshi, all other products are
manufactured in the Pabna Factory. The Best quality raw materials from world renowned suppliers like
Dragoco, Firmenich, Givadaun, Clariant, Cognis, ISS etc. give an added value to the STL’s product
STL always adopts international standard production processes by following the Good Manufacturing
Practice (GMP). As part of its corporate social responsibility STL stands behind the acid victims, works
with ICDDRB & Obstetrical and Gynecological Society of Bangladesh (OGSB) for reducing post-partum
hemorrhage and also have engaged itself in other welfare activities. STL also stands behind the
development of sports and culture in Bangladesh.
Some steps needs to be cover before internationalizing any product in a new market. This steps include
market survey, consumer behavior, a pilot launch of the product, recording their response, research and
development etc.
SWOT analysis helps surveying the business and determining how it is performing and how to improve
on different sectors. PEST determines some of the macro factors that also influence the industry and the
There are also some barriers to execute the plans. Parachute already have a brand loyalty and a stagnant
market share. Threats of local market products will also create problem.
Cultural barrier will not be a big problem as coconut oil is allowed to be touched and applied in all
religion and casts.
JUI coconut oil can have a wide market around the world. The main competitor is parachute but it costs a
lot more than JUI. Pricing strategy helps it compare with these brands. They maintain a good quality and
make a good result than any other international brand products.
Promotions will spread the word around and there is no better promotion than word of mouth. Happy and
satisfied customers will help JUI grow a steady market around the world. So following so basic principles
internationalizing of JUI coconut oil can be done and it will prove to be feasible.




Background Of The Study:
Over the years we have seen a lot of foreign...

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