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Analysis Of The Poems Of E.E. Cummings

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Yoo Jung Kim
Professor Mary Gareis
ENGL 1102
14 April 2014
Poetry Research Essay
Poetry possesses different arrangements depending on who writes it. Some poems may be written in free verse while others could be written in rhyme; the form of a poem is quite important since the form is important to how readers interpret a poem. In most forms of poetry, the meaning of the words is employed to decipher the overall meaning of the poem. However, due to E.E Cummings’ unique style of poetry, the poetic structure is what determines the meaning of the work unlike in that of other poets.
The poem “The Sky Was” is one of many of E.E. Cummings’ unusual pieces of poetry, and to most readers, it ...view middle of the document...

E.E Cummings utilizes this knowledge in order to separate out words so that they will also create a catchy rhythm within the poem. In reality, E.E Cummings is not much different from other poets. It is just that he utilizes a different method of accessing perfect rhythm within his poetry.
Unlike “The Sky Was”, the poem “Ta” seems to be even more erratic and chaotic as the words themselves within the poem are seen to be unrelated to each other. The phrases change in subject unexpectedly from a:
toe” (1-4).
to a
“… hip
amus Back

teel-ly lugu
bri ous” (5-10).
“… eyes


fathandsbangrag” (11-14).
Also, the poem gradually contain more short and hard syllables as it progresses. In language, short and hard syllables tend to have a connotation of abruptness and sudden change. “Syllable length plays an important if subtle role in the sound of English iambs” (Lechay 138) to convey moods and tones within works. The most skillful of poets utilize syllables to their advantage since there is truly no set amounts of words in poetry. E.E Cummings has done well with emphasizing the sudden changes within the poem through his usage of accented syllables within his work. “An accented syllable may be short, an unaccented syllable long, and it doesn't matter, so long as the beat is strong enough to suppress these differences” (Lechay 138). Using accented syllables is E.E. Cummings’ official signature within his poetry.
The poem “A Connotation of Infinity” appears to be the most like that of other poets in that there are few hard syllables and no words separated into different parts. This is most likely due to the fact that this poem has a more serious tone to it than with other poems instead of a playful tone. However, like that in E.E Cummings’ other poems, “A Connotation of Infinity” contains accented syllables:
“… is like a woman amorous to be known;
and man, whose here is alway[s] worse than naught,
feels the tremendous yonder for his own—

on such a night the sea through her blind miles

of crumbling silence seriously smiles” (10-14).
Within this part...

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