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Analyze Essential Tcp/Ip Network Protocols Essay

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1. What is the purpose of the address resolution protocol (ARP)?
ARP is used as a mediator between Ethernet and IP protocols. It converts the IP addresses to Ethernet addresses.
2. What is the purpose of the dynamic host control protocol (DHCP)?
DCHP is “the protocol used to assign a pool of IP addresses to requesting clients.” (Beasley & Nilkaew, p. 459) DCHP will allow a network administrator to centrally manage the assignment of the IP addresses in an organization’s network.
3. Identify the DHCP allocated source IP host address for the vWorkstation desktop and the TargetWindows01 virtual server.
The IP host address for the vWorkstation is and the ...view middle of the document...

I believe there were 4 packets sent back to the IP source.
6. Find a TCP three-way handshake for a Telnet, FTP, or SSH session. What is the significance of the TCP three-way handshake?
A TCP three-way handshake is needed to initiate a connection. It is when three data packets are exchanged at the beginning of a TCP connection that occurs between two hosts. The sequence happens as follows: The synchronizing packet, the synchronizing acknowledgment packet, then the acknowledgment packet. (Beasley & Nilkaew, p. 230)
7. What was the SEQ# of the initial SYN TCP packet and ACK# of the SYN ACK TCP packet?
The SEQ# for the initial SYN TCP packet was 0 and the ACK# of the SYN ACK TCP packet was 1.
8. During the instructor’s Telnet session to LAN Switch 1 and LAN Switch 2, what was the captured terminal password for LAN Switch 1 and LAN Switch 2?
During the Telnet session to LAN Switch 1 and LAN Switch 2 the terminal password was cisco.
9. When the instructor used SSH to a Cisco router, were you able to see the terminal password? Why or why not?
No, the terminal password was not visible. This is due to encryption.
10. What other IP packets are on the VLAN and Ethernet LAN segment? How can these other IP packets provide additional clues or information about the logical IP routing and IP addressing schema?
Other packets can provide the administrator information about how they were routed from the source to the destination.

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