Analyzing Messages Essay

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Analyzing Messages
University of Phoenix
Chris Blauvelt

Message Analysis
For this message analysis I chose to use correspondences sent between my UoPX Advisor’s and myself. The first message chosen was related to the financial status of my university account, followed by two messages concerning academic affairs information. Any of the messages I have received that were school related were always presented professionally, were written direct, getting to the point of the correspondence. Also enclosed in these messages, along with other useful information, is the contact information for the contacting advisor, along with appropriate times of contact, giving the recipient even more ...view middle of the document...

Clarifying information in any message is a critical step that needs to be followed; clarification can speed up response times from the recipient, by reducing the amount of correspondence needed to allow the recipient to fully understand the meaning or intent of the message.
Although the academic affairs related messages did not contain any type of media, the financial aid related messages did. The financial message received from the financial advisory, were in-fact pertaining to my need to re-submit financial aid information for the upcoming 2013-2014 academic year. The related task is one that could potentially confuse recipient if adequate information is not contained within the message. Media in the form of images were used in the messages received from the financial aid department; these added images helped me to understand what was required of me. The images that were used in the e-mail message were directions concerning how to appropriately complete the application for financial aid. Without these added images, and direction that were contained in the messages, further correspondence would definately have been needed to help me complete the necessary task.
The content contained in the messages were formatted properly, spelling, punctuation, formatting were correct, and no slang or jargon of any kind was used within the message, thus further enhancing the overall professionalism of the message. Using e-mail to help student’s proceed with important procedures is an excellent, and efficient way of performing communication, thus allowing the university advisor to add or attach media that will further enhance the amount of information that can be passed along to the student. Media such as images, link’s to direct the recipient to more useful information, and now with upgraded technologies even videos can be sent via e-mail protocols quickly and efficiently. I absolutely believe that the use of these types of media in correspondences clarify, and further help the recipient perform related tasks that would have in the past taken extra effort on the part of both parties, through more correspondences in one form or another. The need to further explain situations to recipients can potentially cause loss of revenue, due to various reasons, such as unnecessary man hours, missed deadlines, or even production shutdown due to lack of product inventory,...

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