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Android vs iPhone
Junyao Zhang April 12, 2010
This is a complete analysis and comparison between Android and iPhone OS. The rest of this report is organized as follows. Section ?? outlines the system architecture, history and detail management configuration. Section ?? discusses the iPhone system. In Section ??, a comparison between these two systems is presented.



Android, originally meaning “robot”, is a mobile operating system using a modified version of the Linux kernel. It was initially developed by Android Inc., a firm later purchased by Google,[?]and lately by the Open Handset Alliance[?]. It allows developers to write managed code in the Java language, controlling ...view middle of the document...


Figure 1: Android System Architecture


A brief review of the history of Android

In July 2005, Android, Inc., a small startup company based in Palo Alto, California, USA, was bought by Google. At that time Android, Inc. is not well-known execpt that they made software for mobile phones. At Google, a team was set up to produce a mobile device platform that aims to provide a flexible and upgradable system. It is reported that Google had already lined up a series of hardware component and software partners and signaled to carriers that it was open to various degrees of cooperation on their part[?, ?, ?]. More speculation that Google would be entering the mobile-phone market came in December 2006[?]. In September 2007, InformationWeek covered an Evalueserve study reporting that Google had filed several patent applications in the area of mobile telephony[?, ?]. Ultimately Google unveiled its smartphone Nexus One that uses the Android open source mobile operating system. The device is manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC Corporation, and became available on January 5, 2010. On Feb 16, 2010 Google announced that 60,000 Android cell phones are shipping per day.


Hardware running Android

The first phone to run the Android operating system was the HTC Dream, released on 22 October 2008[?]. By the end of 2009 there will be at least 18 phone models using Android worldwide, according to Google[?]. In addition to


the mobile devices that ship with Android, some users have been able (with some amount of hacking, and with limited functionality) to install it on mobile devices shipped with other operating systems[?].


T-Mobile G1[?]

The HTC Dream (also marketed as T-Mobile G1 in the US and Europe [except for Spain, where it is marketed as HTC Dream] or Era G1 in Poland) is an Internet-enabled 3G smartphone with an operating system designed by Google and hardware designed by HTC. It was the first phone to the market that uses the Android mobile device platform. The phone is part of an open standards effort of the Open Handset Alliance. processor The MSM7201A is an ARM-based, dual-core CPU/GPU from Qualcomm and contains many built-in features, including 3G and a GPU capable of up to 4 million triangles/sec. memory The HTC Dream has a microSD card slot and comes with a 1GB memory card (2GB in the UK, Germany and Canada). It has been confirmed to work with capacities up to 16GB, and may work with even larger cards. secondary storage N/A RF sub-system screen 3.2 in (8.1 cm) TFT-LCD flat glass touch-sensitive HVGA screen with 480 X 320 pixel resolution. camera The HTC Dream has a 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus functionality sensors GPS The HTC Dream provides an accelerometer for detecting movement and determining which direction is ’Up’. It also has a digital compass, giving it complete orientation data. The Dream includes a GPS receiver for fine-grained positioning, and can use cellular or wifi networks for coarse-grained...

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