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Love is like the beauty and the beast, it isn't perfect and it isn't awful, its just a mix of both. If you are the good, he is the bad. If he is the good, you are the bad. But if you really need a happy ending ,you have to go deeper so you can see the light of the bad, and learn how to fix it. Just dig deeper into the bad.

As the night grew darker, the sound of the thunder storm grew louder. Little Elena started to hide her self under the sheets of her soft, small, bed. She was so small, yet her mind was full of amazing things. Elena didn't like thunder; she didn't like the sound of it. Elena liked her mother's angelic voice singing to her, and her father's big, yet soft hands playing with her curls. Suddenly, Elena couldn't take it anymore. She got up from her bed and ran to the door. Her little hand touched the door's handle and she opened it. Her warm feet touched the cold ground as she walked to her mother's ...view middle of the document...

She wanted to see why her mother was crying. Elena tried so hard not to fall, because the stairs were so big for her little feet. Just when Elena was on the last step, she saw her father yelling at her mother. Then Elena remembered her mother telling her that her father has a lot of problems at work, and he was so angry about it, so it's okay if she heard him yell. Elena didn't like that. Why did her father always blame her mother on what happened at work? She helped him a lot, so why?

Elena didn't move. She was standing still, watching what was going on. Elena's mother was trying to make her husband calm down. She didn't want him to wake up the children. Her mom, Melissa, was so scared that her children would know the real reason for their father's actions. She didn't want them to know.

Melissa tried to make her husband calm down by using a soft voice,"Baby calm down, we don't want the children to wake up." As Melissa said those words, her husband become more furious with her.

"Yeah, right. That's all you care about; the children," his voice became louder; louder than the sound of thunder. Melissa shook her head, trying to make her husband understand that she cares about him too.

"Of course I care about them, and I care about you too, baby. Everything will be okay-" Melissa didn't have time to finish her words as her husband's voice cut her off.

"Stop saying that I don't know anything. You know what? Stop talking you little piece of shit."

Melissa tried not to be hurt by the love of her life's words. She took some steps closer to her husband. "Baby please, don't-"

This time her husband didn't cut her off with words. He cut her off with his right hand flying and falling down on his wife's right cheek, causing her to lose balance and fall onto the cold hard ground. Without a word, her so called husband walked out of the house without a second glance, leaving his wife on the floor crying her eyes out while holding her bruning cheek.

Elena was standing still, eyes wide open with fear and sadness. Tears began to fall from the girl's eyes. Her body trembled with fear, looking down at her mother lying on the ground. Then, Elena realized that she would never like or love anyone who has

Anger issues.

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