Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Kiran Raju
Professor Hays
RHET 105
February 28, 2016
An Annotated Bibliography:
“The benefits of a college degree does not outweigh the cost of it”
Abel, Jaison R., and Richard Deitz. "Do The Benefits Of College Still Outweigh The Costs?." Current Issues In Economics & Finance 20.3 (2014): 1-12. Academic Search Complete. Web. 6 Mar. 2016.
People who graduated with a college degree still questions whether college was a good investment for them. “Do the Benefits of College Still Outweigh the Costs?” addresses how students who graduated with a college degree are still unemployed and in debt. Furthermore, students have paid more to attend college and earning less upon graduation. ...view middle of the document...

The article focuses on more about how we could fix the inflation of tuition and how you could make reduce the years for a bachelor degree. However, the author still proposes the question about would the grants still outweighs the cost of a degree. How much can the government offer to a low-income family to make a 4-year university degree possible for them? To summarize the article, Vicki E Alger asserted that the inflation of tuition causes both student debt and government debt.
Vicki E Alger’s article is scholarly and is a reliable source for my research paper. Furthermore, it could be used for my introduction paragraph and my conclusion paragraph. This article contains arguments that could be seen coming from both sides of my thesis statement. This helps me gather information to object against any counterarguments that I will receive. Overall this article contributes the most out of all my sources because of its data and counterarguments. It could be used as a springboard for me to argue with the author.
Ehrenfeld, Temma, and Jane Bryant Quinn. "Colleges' New Tuition Crisis." Newsweek 143.5 (2004): 49. Academic Search Complete. Web. 7 Mar. 2016.
“Colleges New Tuition Crisis.” refers to the how colleges are hiking their tuition and other fees. In addition, it reports on how a college education costs are getting less public financial support. How colleges are being forced to cut costs by reducing the number of faculty members, increasing class sizes, and limiting enrollment; how tuition increases have reached double digits. The main thesis of this source is that rising costs and funding cuts are resegregating higher education, not by color but by class. Low-income students find it hard to pay for a degree.
This source contains very reliable information which could be used to provide some hardcore support for my thesis statement. Although this source is not very long, the main point it tries to reach across its reader is much related to my thesis statement. Low-income people are simply finding it hard to afford college. I could relate this to my working thesis statement about whether college is still worth it? This source differentiates between high income and low-income families and how much debt they will be in if they attended a four-year university.
Committee on Education. Are Institutions Accountable Enough To Students And Parents? The College Cost Crisis Report: Washington: U.S Government Printing Office, 2004. Print. 108-33.
This source is a book and it is about a hearing about a court case that deals with college being unaffordable to students and parents. It talks about the nation’s higher education is in crisis as a result of exploding costs increases that threaten to put college out of reach for low and middle-income students and families. Decades of cost increases, in both good economic times and bad, have caused America’s higher education system to reach a crisis point. This was the defendant’s main point of view. He...

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