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Answer Of Virtually True (Class X Cbse, India)

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Hi friends, great to see you all. I had almost lost hope to meet you all again ever. Six weeks ago, I was on my way out of town with some friends for a weekend. I had my laptop with me. It was a four-hour journey to our destination. So, to engage myself, I logged on to one of my psycho-drive games. After an hour of driving on the highway, the car suddenly screeched to a halt. Since we were ...view middle of the document...

Six weeks ago, I was on my way out of town with some friends for a weekend. I had my laptop with me. It was a four-hour journey to our destination. So, to engage myself, I logged on to one of my psycho-drive games. After an hour of driving on the highway, the car suddenly screeched to a halt. Since we were driving at a great speed, the driver lost control of the car and car somersaulted before falling into a ditch. As the car fell into the ditch, my head hit against the roof of the car and everything blacked out. I don’t remember what happened to me after that.
I was told that I had slipped into coma and only a miracle had brought me back. Another miraculous thing happened to me. At the time of the accident, I was in the midst of a game. Although, I entered it I couldn’t come out of it. Somebody stole my lot of games while I was in the hospital. Some of those were bought by a person called Michael, who rescued me and got me out. So, indirectly he is my saviour. I am planning to meet him soon. It is great to be back friends! I have had a harrowing time, VIRTUALLY!!

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