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Answer The Following Question Based On The Reading By Bolman And Deal (Max 200 Words): Bolman And Deal Identify Three Common Fallacies Used When Trying To Understand Issues In Organisations. What Are The Three Fallacies?

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MGMT1001 s2 2013 – ‘Spot Collection’
Bring to tutorials week beginning 5 August
Topic 1: What is Management?
1. Textbook question: answer Question 2 in the ‘Discussion Questions’ for the Case study Managing McDonald’s Australia on page 36.
a. As the CEO of McDonald’s Australia, what is Catriona Noble’s role?
According to this case study, Catriona Noble’s role could be responsible for marketing, public affairs, operations, supply chain, the Pacific Islands and business planning, taking on a leadership role for the ongoing development and integration of McDonald’s business plan in Australia.

b. Using the four functions as a guide, what activities does she need to undertake in managing ...view middle of the document...

Firstly, assistant manager, which still fulfilling the same functions works at a home lever with fewer demands and requirement. Secondly, she plans to change consumer tastes and significantly increase the healthy options on the McDonald’s menu.

2. What are the key issues in the case study “Challenge the Boss or Stand Down?”(max. 200 words)
According to this case study, Cunliffe argues that modern management and managers are different from traditional management. Modern framing management is defined as a rational, neutral and legitimate constrain both in management action and identities. There is no right way of managing as management is shaped by how management occurs. Modern management and managerial identities could be categorized into five parts. Firstly, the modern management impacts on management education, management practice and performativity nature. In addition, modern management has been translated into the various management discourses and through the everyday practices of managers. Thirdly, modern management has been affected for history, culture and linguistics. Moreover, modern management is managers practical authors and reflexive practitioners. This means that managers need to be open to reinvention in their management action. Finally, modern management needs to think and explore possibilities, rather than replace fixed representations of management, and reflexive managers need to seek various conceptualizations and critiques of management. Therefore, modern management concepts and managerial identities are critical to ensuring key roles for the company, the...

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