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Anthropology: Marriage And Divorce Essay

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Rodney Varner;
THEO 201-B11_201240
September 15, 2012
Short Essay # 2

Short Essay on Christology

As I was going home from work, two well-dressed gentlemen accost me, handing me some literature explaining what they believe. As I glanced over it, one sentence stood out stating that Jesus was a man and could not be God. I then told them that Christology in its most basic definition means the study of Christ. Christology focuses on Jesus’ nature and the person he was, as well as the details of his life and teachings. It also focuses on the relationship between Christ and God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. Enwall explains Christology, “In the New Testament the writers indicate who ...view middle of the document...

The ability to forgive sins and give us a clean slate is also another part of Jesus’ deity. In Luke 5:18-21, Jesus sees the faith of some men and he says, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.” Only Jesus has the authority to forgive sins.
Taking it one step further, the concept of the Hypostatic Union says that Jesus is both 100% man and 100% God at the same time. He is permanently the divine human while still retaining His individual divinity and humanity. So for Jesus to be both God and man it means that he represented humanity on the cross and He fully represented God in His forgiveness and salvation.
In order for Jesus to save humanity, He had to become incarnate. Incarnate means, basically, in the flesh. He had to become a human to save humanity. Why did he have to do this? Why couldn’t Jesus just forgive humanity by staying fully God and not becoming human? This is a difficult question with many theories, but in my opinion, I think that would have been too easy. I think He didn’t want to just hand salvation to us on a silver platter and have all of humanity live happily ever after. Jesus gives us a choice to follow Him and love Him or not.
Along with what I’ve stated in the previous paragraph, comes the issues of overemphasizing or denying both humanity and deity. If we deny the humanity of Christ, then we are denying that He came to die...

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