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Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Essay

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Self-Study Quiz: What Can We Do About Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria?
You Decide
What Can We Do About Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria?

Summarize, evaluate, and argue the validity of the data that demonstrate the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Then present a plan for reducing this problem in the future. Keep these questions in mind:

• What data supports the hypothesis that antibiotic-resistance is on the rise? What problems do you see in this data? Can you propose a way to overcome these problems?
• Which methods have been successful in decreasing the number of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains? Which methods have not?
• What shortcomings or errors do ...view middle of the document...

Each experiment or observation |
|only focused on one small window of the problem, leaving us to draw our own conclusions. In the case of reducing prescriptions, the case was not done long enough to|
|determine long time effects of the possible solution, since we all know that evolution takes time, I believe the study should have been extended to include a longer|
|period of “during study” data. Most of the data is also pretty old, considering the ever changing society that encompasses science and medicine, I believe that this|
|scenario should also have included more relevant and recent data. |
|Present a plan for reducing this problem in the future. |
|I believe that the best plan for reducing the quantity of both the number of resistant bacteria and the types of anti-biotic resistant bacteria contains two parts. |

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