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Data vs Voice Networks

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Data vs Voice Networks

Write 3-4 sentences for each of this devices describing whether they use voice or data networks:
Cell Phones.-
1. Cell phones use both voice and data networks
2. Both of these networks can actually use the same antenna
3. In most cases you can’t talk on the phone and access the internet at the same time
4. Although they are trying to come out with phones that will allow you to talk and access the internet at the same time
Landline phones.-
1. landline phone also uses both of these networks voice and data
2. voice is being transferred through the ...view middle of the document...

The FTA then plugs in to your network connection
5. When a fax is sent it immediately gets digitized and packaged in secure TCP packets and sent to natural data Inc. and then secure networks operation center for final delivery to its specified destination
1. Pagers are a way to notify individuals of incoming calls by a tone
2. The number is showed on the little screen
3. Then the user would return the call when they were by a phone
VOIP (voice over IP) Phones.-
1. A VoIP phone uses digital technology to make phone calls on the internet rather than through phone lines
2. A VoIP phone allows us to bypass the phone companies completely
3. Making all phone calls through the internet. In order to use a VoIP phone you must have the Dsl internet service.
Skype / Facetime.-
1. Skype / face time you must have a data network, In order to get on the internet to use these services
2. These two services...
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