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Aph Maternity Patients Flow Chart Essay

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Module 2 Case Assignment
Intro to Operations Management
Dr. Bowersox
26 October 2012

As Diane’s new assistant just looking at the way they have the flow of the mother that is in labor is confusing. There are too many floors for the Labor and Delivery process which has the mother bouncing all over the hospital.  If the pregnant mother is in distress she has to be moved to too many different ...view middle of the document...

By having only one floor would help speed up the process for the delivering mothers.
The way I would adjust the flow chart for women that are delivering via caesarean section would skip step one and go straight to step seven.   I would do this because a mother that knows she’s having a caesarean section delivery would know the exact date of the delivery. She would have pre-registered prior and be ready for her operation when she walks into the hospital. Once the operation is complete with no complications, then step 6 would be next.   After monitoring the mother and newborn then step 8 would be the next step. The mother would be extremely happy to be discharged with her new baby.
If all mothers were electronically preregistered the flow chart would change. It would eliminate the need to register the day of the delivery and allow a smoother transition to the delivery room for the expectant mother. If everything works out smoothly there shouldn’t be any mother needing to go through the admission process at the time of her delivery, unless of course there is an actual early delivery emergency.

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