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Apple 1 Essay

1027 words - 5 pages

I have individual meeting with teacher on 07-06-2011.
Last time teacher pointed out some things need to be correct .
Plz provide me those corrected one like topic ,introduction and literature review etc to discuss with the teacher in next meeting.
Also plz have look on the things written down which in last week classes teacher told us about proposal.
Background to topic and organisation.
References:(3-5) academic sources for introduction at the end of proposal .
Research objectives and research questions Maximum 5 of each.
Objectives ...view middle of the document...

Knowledge and skills.
Access to secondary data.
Libraries,internet, other.
Travel,stationary.subcription/purchase of journal.
For completion the dissertation.
Activity | 1 WEEK | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |
Introduction | | | | | | |
Literature review | | | | | | |
Methodology | | | | | | |

Review and finalise topic and refine research.
Write the chapter 1-introduction.
Literature search and review.
Write chapter 2 literature review.
Research methodology research literature on methodology
Design and pilot questionnaire/interview questions

Maximum similarity 10%-15% or less.
No more than 1% from any sources.
Upload your work as many times as you like.but after Ist time it can take 24 hours to replace on earlier piece of work with the most recent.
Submit a copy of your TURNITIN reports with your work.

Salam, brother last time in my indiviual meeting with the teacher she pointed out some things those are high lighted as under.Also she said that your focus should be on one thing.
Critically analysis of the (marketing communication tools) and how it has an impact on (behaviour )of its loyal customer base- a case study of Boots Company, UK
She wrote here about topic (Buying Behaviour)

Research Aims and Objectives
Research Aim

The aim of the dissertation is to analyse the impact of recent marketing communications activities initiated by The Boots Company on the behaviour of its loyal customer base.
Research Objectives

Against the background, it is proposed to take up a study with the following specific objectives
* To critically review the body of literature related to theories of marketing communication
* To study the development of buying motives, perceptions and attitudes relating to the products offered by The Boots Company.
* To examine the impact of marketing communications of the company on the behaviour of its loyal (consumer). Customer ?
* (To measure the consumer loyalty of The Boots Company) she crossed this line.
* To put forward (innovative) ? recommendations for Boots, how they can enhance their effectiveness in implementing marketing communication activities .she asked about innovative.
Research Questions
1) Why does the Boots need study for buying motive and attitudes relating to the products?
2) ....

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