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Apple Corporation Essay

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In the relentless pursuit of continuous gains today’s corporations often make strange bed fellows to acquire these ends. These agreements are often made with developing and under developed nations whose laws and regulations fall well below international standards. For many years these back room deals in far flung countries where of no concern to most consumers. However, in recent years many multinational corporations have made headline news with accusations of human rights violations. Such allegations erodes corporate image in the eyes of consumers. Apple Corporation has fallen under public scrutiny for the treatment of its factory workers in China. These allegations have ...view middle of the document...

The Electronic Industry Code of Conduct or EICC is the supplier code adopted by Apple. Using these guidelines and standards Apple performs onsite audits to ensure that suppliers are in compliance. The audits conducted by Apple cover health and safety issues, working and living conditions and also examines environmental practices at the facilities. From 2010 to 2011 Apple increased its internal audits by 80%. These audits did uncover that several factories were in violation of underage labor laws. With these findings Apple has begun to retrain human resource managers in Chinese labor laws, to prevent future hiring of underage workers. Apple Inc. also continues to develop and maintain internal reporting and behavior standards. These reports are released annually in the Apple Supplier Responsibility Progress Report. Apple Inc. has also sought to become more transparent by gradually expanding and changing its online CSR information.
The impact of ethical and social responsibility violations on Apple’s reputation.
Apple Inc. is a world leader in innovative technology and enjoys large scale public attention and collective recognition for its products. This media visibility and public prominence sets Apple apart from other organization competing for attention. The negative attention generated by accusations of unethical behavior by Apple’s suppliers tarnished Apple’s corporate image. The charges even brought comparisons of Apple to the infamous sweatshops of NIKE. The accusations levied against Apple are quite similar to criticism faced by other foreign...

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