Apple's Social Performance Essay

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Apple's Social Performance


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Apple’s Social Performance

Social Performance Management (SPM), as defined by Myers (2013), is the process of effectively managing an organization so that the institution can achieve a desired social mission. SPM is a management technique that pays significant focus on the customer as the core indicator of its operations' decisions. It starts with a clear social strategy which is executed by the board, management, and employees of the institution. Corporate Social Responsibility is intertwined with Social Performance as it involves the firm utilizing its resources to respond or solve a social problem and ...view middle of the document...

The products and services Apple offers, according to Khan, Alam, and Alam (2015), range from advanced designs, end user electronics, computer software and various online services. The company ensures it explores diversity and innovation in the commercial communication sector, aspects that have nurtured and built its corporate brand image in America.

External Environment

There are some external factors that can affect Apple's services. One of these is the political environment of target markets. Other than in the US, Khan, Alam, and Alam (2015) asserts that Apple products are sold in other countries such as China and the United Kingdom. Market situations are determined by the politics of a country. In other words, markets are favorable in countries with political stability. The second external factor is competition from other companies such as Sony and Samsung. In the recent past, Apple Inc. has produced better Mackintosh computers defined by a faster and better capability to counter the efforts of competitors. Mackintosh computers breakthrough into the market laid a foundation for the firm's corporate reputation since the computers outsold all other competitive firms when they were introduced (Khan, Alam, & Alam, 2011). Apple is consistently producing new machines in the market with faster and enhanced capabilities so that it can maintain its leadership in the computer market niche.

Influencing Financial Performance

Stakeholders can utilize various platforms to influence Apple finance performance and revenue realized. Advertisement comprise the first alternative. Vasi and King (2012) purport that independent stakeholders can place adverts and commercials that display positive and noble actions of the firm, Apple products description, and upcoming production designs. By doing so, the stakeholders contribute in the companies optimistic future by building its brand. The consumer electronic market is currently flooded with commodities from numerous firms; as a result, the customer is always keen to learn about the new inventions in the markets (Myers, 2013).

Secondly, the use of customized online media platforms and services can enhance the firm's image. A section of Apple success is attributed to its dominance in the digital market. The company offers online streaming service, and on the go sales where fanatics such as hipsters can purchase a track of their favorite celebrity at an affordable price. Stakeholders can opt to introduce more cost-friendly online purchase platforms that are interlinked to Apples innovative service (Vasi & King, 2012). The new platforms established in different regions or market niches will promote Apple supremacy in the media industry. For instance, music fans in South America, Africa, and Australia can access the external content by purchasing it on the affiliate online sites linked with Apple services.

The use of printed literature such as articles, newspapers and magazines can influence the...

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