Apples Marketing Policy Essay

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In this report, there will be an in-depth analysis of the International marketing strategies that Apple Inc. currently does in order to promote their products. The key strategies will be discussed and explained further in more clarity. There will an investigation into any problems that Apple may face currently as well as potentially. Finally, there will be recommendations in terms of their marketing strategies will be given.

Firstly, there will be an introduction into the company with clear background information. This will provide an insight into the formation of Apple Inc. and the mastermind behind Apple’s successful marketing strategies. Information on the key ...view middle of the document...

An integral section of the report will examine and explain how Apple is going about doing its international marketing. There will be discussion on the strategies that Apple currently uses in order to promote the products and whether it is effective. In addition, the importance of International marketing to Apple Inc. will be explained in detail.

The final section of the report will comprise the problems that Apple Inc. faces in terms of its international marketing. There will be critical analysis and explanation into the problems that it has faced and/or the potential problems that may occur; i.e. competition. Finally, there will be recommendations on ways that Apple could improve its international marketing strategies. Therefore, key areas and strategies that can be improved will be explained in depth.


• 0505623 – Executive summary and introduction to Apple Inc.

• 0610803 – 4p’s of Apple Inc.

• 0330146 – SWOT analysis for Apple Inc.

• 0535969- How Apple is going about doing its international marketing and the importance of International marketing to Apple Inc.

• 0213272 – Problems for Apple in terms of international marketing and how could Apple improve its international marketing.


Apple Inc was founded in April, 1976 by Steve Jobs who is the current CEO. In addition, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne have worked with him greatly to build the Apple Empire (Mohammed Reference). Apple designs, manufactures and market personal computers and related software, music players, which are portable/digital, and other related accessories. The company markets third party audio and video products, and provide related services as well. Furthermore the company has a strong brand image, which allows it to command the best price for its products, giving it an advantage over regional, and as well as global competitors. Nevertheless strong competition threatens to eat into the market share of the company (Charles reference).

The company was first know as Apple Computer, but due to the fact that the company wanted to enter other markets within the consumer electronics industry they changed their name to Apple Inc. Currently, Apple Inc. has over 200 retail outlets in eight countries along with an online store. (Mohammed reference)


Apple’s main group of products, are: Pro line laptops (MacBook Pro) desktops (Mac Pro), Consumer line laptops (MacBook) desktop (iMac), Server (Xserve) Software OS-X and OS-X Server operating systems, iPod (offered with up to 160 GB of storage on the iPod classic or with web browsing and touch screen controls in the iPod Touch), and the iPhone (now available for sale in 23 countries).

In summary, Apple’s product range has catered for the ever-increasing multi-media enthusiasts and over the year, they have made a great...

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