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Are Contact Sports Worth The Risk

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Communtiy Event Paper
Durinng this past semester I have learned a great deal about deafness, deaf
lifestyles, and Deaf culture. As a hearing person, much of what I have experienced as I
have met and slowly grown to know some Deaf friends have been unexpected, to say
the least, and in some cases downright surprising or shocking. Many times in these
contemporary days, when asked about my newfound relationships with some of my
Deaf friends and their culture, lifestyles, education, etc, I have encountered not only
curiosity, but disbelief, and occasionally resistance to my often poorly articulated
attempts at explanation or descriptions of Deaf culture.
During my recent trips to the California school for the Deaf I met quite a few
exteremely nice people one ...view middle of the document...

Watching the games with her made it easier for me to
understand what was going on because the CSDR volleyball team used different signs
during the game since they were unable to use there voice because of there deafness.
The football game was the same way.
Everyone was so nice at the school, serena said its mainly because I tried my
best to use sign instead of my voice and didn't just resort to typing on my phone, I just
acted it out. The deaf community and hearing community are very different. The people
in the deaf community made me feel welcome and helped me follow conversations. I'm
not sure there are many hearing people that would do the same for someone who was
deaf in a hearing environment. They would probably pull the whole "I'll tell you later"
scenario. Even there school is different. It is huge!!! Instead of bells they have flickering
lights. Her family had that as their doorbell in their house to.
Deaf people understand what it is like to feel like an outsider so it seems to
me like the try there best to make sure that nobody felt that way. Unfortunately since
hearing people don't typically get that feeling so the don't understand therefore don't try
to help others who need it. Another thing is that I learned from speaking to Serena and
her family and friends is that they are more than proud to be deaf and definitely don't
consider it a disability or anything. They have serious deaf pride. They're quite a few
that actually don't want a hearing persons help when trying to do things such as
ordering. They prefer for the person taking the order to put forth a little effort to
understanding them. All in all, the experience was great apart from there attitudes
deaf people aren't all that different from hearing people. They simply have to adjust to
doing certain things a little differently.

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