Argument Essay: Smoking Ban On University Campuses

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Robert Hunter Hardin
WRIT 101: Argument Essay
The University Of Mississippi Smoking Ban
In the fall of 2007, the University of Mississippi adopted the “Tobacco Use Policy”. This policy was designed to limit the use of tobacco products on the Ole Miss campus to “designated tobacco-use areas.” It became evident over time that the policy was not effective and added to the growing concerns on campus over continuing exposure to second hand smoke. This led to discussions between students and faculty and staff alike about becoming a smoke free campus. In the early fall of 2011, the Vice Chancellor’s Office for Student Affairs began to solicit feedback from various constituencies on ...view middle of the document...

On January 1, 2013 the policy entered its full-enforcement stage with penalties for non-compliance. The no-smoking policy used by The University of Mississippi heavily resembles the same style of policy used by universities around the country, including Mississippi State and the University of Southern Mississippi.
In August 2012, the University of Mississippi introduced a new policy declaring the Oxford campus as smoke free. Smoking cigarettes is prohibited at all times, and at all locations of the University of Mississippi Oxford campus, including university-owned facilities, properties and grounds. The policy went into effect on January 1, 2013 and was to be “strictly enforced”. For first infractions, a warning is issued. This is followed by a fine of twenty-five dollars for second time offenders. The language of the policy, such as, “including university-owned facilities, properties and grounds” was intentionally left broad to allow the University the power to enforce the policy throughout the main branch and all of its satellite branches. This includes the power to enforce the policy in sorority and fraternity houses. This policy effects both faculty and staff and student smokers alike. In the eyes of the university and supporters of the policy, the benefits of the policy significantly outweigh the little cost. Studies have shown that breathing in the secondhand smoke from a smoker’s cigarette leads the nonsmoker to inhale almost as many chemicals as the smoker themselves. Other studies have shown that secondhand smoke exposure causes almost fifty thousand deaths in adult nonsmokers annually. Secondhand smoke can have a number of serious health effects on nonsmokers, particularly cancer and heart disease. According to the Assistant to the Provost’s Office “If we persuade a life long smoker to stop smoking, in my opinion,...

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