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Article Citation Essay

1179 words - 5 pages

Activity 4

Dear Student,

Please use this document to submit Activity 4.
You can simply start typing in the first blank page (recommended)
or paste in text from another document into the first blank page.

Please save this file as: Your last name, first initial, e.g., BTM7101-4 (DoeJBTM7101-4).

Please save a copy of this file for yourself.

Academic Integrity: Please see and follow the Academic Integrity Policy in the Learner portal. Your instructor may select this or any activity to review and submit to Turnitin to assess for an Academic Integrity violation

Main Task: Evaluate Library Databases and Resources for use ...view middle of the document...

Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University's Academic Integrity Policy.

Submit your document in the Course Work area below the Activity screen.

Learning Outcome: 6
Develop skills in online library database searches.

Your instructor will give you feedback using the form below and in margin comments on your work. Reading and using your instructor’s feedback is as much a part of your learning as is reading the course materials and doing activities. Your instructor will not only help you understand the quality of your work on this activity, but will also give you guidance on how to improve your skills and increase your knowledge that, if you follow it, will help you do better on future activities!


Introduction to Feedback:

1. Was the activity completed as instructed?

Activity Elements Faculty Feedback

|Chart | |
|Includes three peer-reviewed journal articles, one book chapter, and | |
|one scholarly resource | |
| | |
|Includes | |
|Name of the database used | |
|Keywords used | |
|Search limiters | |
|Mention of skills at this point in using each database | |
|Discussion of skills attained/needed to be acquired | |
|Follows APA form and style | |
|Reflection Paper discusses: | |
|Usefulness of each database | |
|Important new sources, scholars, or ideas | |
|Value of searches in inspiring new ideas/ surprises ...

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