Article Review: Oracle Vs. Google

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Article Review
Oracle vs. Google
Steven Phillips
University of Phoenix
Mark Rorem
June 16, 2014

Article Review: Oracle vs. Google
Oracle vs. Google is an infringement suit against Google for copyright infringement of Oracle’s Java platform. Due to a convoluted decision by the jury Google may escape the $1 billion suite Oracle is seeking for Google using Java API code. The Jury found that Google did “infringe on the structure of Oracle’s Java copyrights but not the platform in total” and only consisted of 9 lines of code (Oswald 2012). The jury could not agree if Googles use could be considered ...view middle of the document...

According to Oswald, API’s are much more functional than creative being a necessary bit to make software work (2012).
The legal issues covered by the article covers copyrights and what can be protected using a copyright. As explained by Melvin (2011), certain works cannot be protected such as ideas, procedures, systems, processes and methods of operation. The direction the case is currently going, at the time of the article, is Oracle’s API code is functional and not a creative work and may not be covered by copyright law. The manner in which the legal issue affects business is companies using material that another company generates as their own without permission. The use of copyrighted material can draw attention from or give the original owner of the product bad reputation. A solution to the issue in the article cannot be made until the courts make a ruling on whether computer code is copyrightable. Since Google only used nine lines of code, Google could have easily written their own code to make their programs work. If the ruling of the court is in Oracle’s favor Google will have to come up with their own API code.
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