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As The World Changes Essay

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As The World Changes

As The World Changes

There are countless reasons that people may give when they are asked why they have changed. Some people reshape who they are to try to fit in with society. Others may transform because they are trying to cope or to hide some form of personal hurt or pain. While others believe that reinventing who they are could give them all the things they feel their life ...view middle of the document...

Those who are motivated to change due to pain have reached a breaking point. They choose to alter themselves hoping that the pain they feel will go away. People experience pain in many different ways, and each individual’s breaking point, can redefine who they are. Emotional hurt can have an enormous impact on a person’s drive to modify their life. When loved ones are lost, it can create a chain reaction of reconstruction in those family members that are closest to the deceased. Whatever, the cause of the pain there has to be an adjustment which constitutes change.
Society can cause an abundance of insecurity in people, if a woman, who is overly insecure about her weight, watches a commercial with a petite woman advertising a fancy gown or swimwear she may switch what she eats and drinks just so she can become the size that society believes is beauty. The different life cycle stages individuals go through can push them to change. When men and women feel the need to elevate their lifestyle, they may choose to fine tune their education, the place where they reside, and/or their career choice. People need to know the greatest way to set new paths and a different direction in their life is to know and be aware of their motivation to progress.

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