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Aspects Of Contract Essay

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International Plato University
Assignment Brief |
Title of Qualification:Edexcel BTEC Level 5 HNC Diploma in Business |
Unit title: Unit 5 Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business | Unit code(s): Y/601/0563 |
Learner: Aliya Theriault | Assessor:Svetlana Begalieva | Internal Verifier:Dinara Bobusheva |
Title of Assignment:“Tramways Advertising v Luna Park”Grading criteria: P1.1, P1.2, P1.3, P 2.1,P 2.3,M1,M2,D1Related learning outcomes:LO 1: Understand the essential elements of a valid contract in a business context.LO 2: Be able to apply the elements of a contract in business situations. | Assignment Number:__1__of __2__for this Unit |
Date assigned:September 25, ...view middle of the document...

Apply and describe the elements of contract to create the legal employer-employee relationship.Third business scenarioContract for Sale of GoodsThis Contract for Sale of Goods is made by and between Lenovo, a Beijing/China, (“Seller”) and Plato University Management and Design, with its principal place of business at Mederov Str. 51, Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan (“Buyer”) for the purchase of the goods described below: Quantity | Description | Price | Total |
30 | Laptop | $500 | 15 000 |
1. Term. This Contract shall begin on 20 th September, 2013, and end upon the last delivery, which shall be shipped. 2. Delivery. Buyer will give Seller 7 days’ advance notice regarding the quantity requested for delivery. Upon receipt of the request for delivery, Seller will arrange for delivery through a carrier chosen by Seller. 3. Risk Of Loss. The risk of loss from any casualty to the Goods, regardless of the cause, will be the responsibility of the Seller until the Goods have been received by the Buyer. 4. Acceptance. Buyer will have the right to inspect the goods upon receipt, and within 2 business days after delivery, Buyer must give notice to Seller of any claim for damages on account of condition, quality, or grade of the goods, and Buyer must specify the basis of the claim in detail. Failure of Buyer to comply with these conditions will constitute irrevocable acceptance of the goods by Buyer. 5. Deposit. Upon signing this Contract, Buyer shall pay Seller a deposit of $ 5000 toward the total price as a precondition for Seller's performance, which deposit is to be credited to the last shipment. 6. Warranty. Seller warrants that the goods sold hereunder are new and free from substantive defects in workmanship and materials. Seller's liability under the foregoing warranty is limited to replacement of goods or repair of defects or refund of the purchase price at Seller's sole option. 7. Force Majeure. Seller may, without liability, delay performance or cancel this Contract on account of force majeure events or other circumstances beyond its control, including, but not limited to, strikes, acts of God, political unrest, embargo, failure of source of supply, or casualty. 8. Miscellaneous. This Contract contains the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes and replaces all such prior agreements with respect to matters expressly set forth herein. No modification shall be made to this Contract except in writing and signed by both parties. This Contract shall be binding upon the parties and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors, assigns and personal representatives. ___________________________________ ______________________________________ Seller Lenovo Date 20-Sep-2013 Buyer IPUMD Date 20-Sep-13Tramways Advertising v Luna ParkLuna Park (an amusement park) had contracted with Tramways Advertising a Sydney tram company to display posters advertising the Luna...

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