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Assesment Essay

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Assessment 1

Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix
Warso Sumarja
Student ID: 1553
Diploma of Business
Evening Class

Braaap organisation is a motorcycle manufacturing company driven by motorcycling more enjoyable and more accessible. The Marketing Mix are many items or situations that require a well-balanced mixture in order to be successful. For instance, a cake mix requires a specified amount of each item, otherwise the cake might be too sweet or just not good at all if the ingredients aren't mixed right. The same is true with marketing. Marketing requires a good mixture in order to be successful in the final sale of the product at a profit. The following will ...view middle of the document...

He was ridiculed by dozens by business managers but eventually found a manufacturing plant willing to support his vision Braaap motorcycles are now manufactured by engineers and companies across the world, the front suspension in Italy, exhausts in Europe, bike frames in France, and engines in Japan and performance parts in the United States. The motorcycles are assembled locally by mechanics in Braaap stores to ensure quality and reliability
Key Characteristics of Braaap’s Products and Services
Braap motorcycle has four distinct features, which are life time warranty, customization, built for adult and flexible finance. The company offers life warranty for most of its products and its bikes. This strategy has significantly improved the demand and importance of its product in market as customer doesn’t have to worry about the repair and maintenance expenses. Customization is another important feature of Braaap. Customer can choose the color and give their input for the design of their bikes. They could get customization to an extent until it not affects safety and performance of the bike. Braaap have focused the adult segment of market and tailoring product according to their needs and wants. The company also offers financial packages. Product range is extended to serve both premium customer and price conscious customers. Company also offers bikes on fixed installments and also gives bikes on rent to attract more customers toward the products of the Braaap.
Review pricing policy and analyze pricing variables to determine their effect on demand.
Braaap adopted a flexible pricing strategy by offering customers with various options to buy a Braaap bike. They can pay in installments or get a motorbike on rent to enjoy a fun-filled ride. The company offers an extended product line to tap all segments of the market. Different models of bikes are priced at different level and layers. Customers can pay by cash Cheque or using credit cards. The installment strategy made it more convenient for customers to buy the Braaap bikes. The flexible prices have created high demand in the market of braaap bikes. Customer finds it convenient to pay in small installments instead of paying hefty amount to buy the bike. Wide price range enables the less well to do customer to have fun of riding Braaap bike. This strategy has seduced customers to purchase the braap bikes and company is trying hard to meet demand in the market.
Impact and importance of the following elements to market outcomes.
A. The promotional methods
The company promotes its products in both Australian domestic market and overseas markets. The company mainly utilizes the dealer and franchising sales channels for selling their products. Braaap Motorcycle has been busy recruiting the best in the motorcycle business over the past 12months, growing our domestic dealer base by 400% in the last year and our international business200% after being in business for 9 years....

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