Assess The Functionalist View That Religion Benefits Society As A Whole And As Its Individual Members

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Assess the Functionalist view that religion benefits both society as a whole and its individual members? (18)

Functionalists see religion in a positive light and as it is a key institution of society. This differs from the Marxist and Feminist view that religion is there to simply reinforce the oppression. For functionalists, society’s key need is for social solidarity and order enabling members to cooperate. Religion ensures that this is maintained, and individuals do not pursue their own selfish desires alone as this would cause society to disintegrate.
Durkheim acknowledged that the key feature of religion was not a belief in the Gods but the apparent distinction between the sacred ...view middle of the document...

He also sees religion in the positive aspect of enhancing our intellectual or cognitive capacities so that we can reason and think conceptually. In agreeance with Durkheim, Mauss suggests that religion will also provide basic categories such as an understanding of time, space and causation. This suggests that religion can benefit both society and the individual by giving us this knowledge. However, others argue that these ideas can only be applied for a small scale society as we cannot apply this to large scale societies where two or more religious communities may be in conflict. Also, Durkheim’s view is too harmonious as we know that even within religions themselves, there is conflict through different interpretations such as Catholics and Protestants. Similarly, Mestrovic suggests that Durkheim’s ideas cannot be applied to contemporary society as we have far more increased diversity that has fragmented the collective consciousness. This means that there is no longer a shard value system that religion can now imply.
Another functionalist Malinowski develops on Durkheim by agreeing that religion promotes social solidarity, however in his view it is done by psychological functions. He identities that religion can perform this role in two situations. The first being when the outcome is important but is uncontrollable and uncertain by using his study of the Trobiland islanders by contrasting fishing in the lagoon and fishing in the ocean. Where lagoon fishing is sae and uses the predictable methods, ocean fishing is dangerous and uncertain. These islanders will them perform rituals and use ‘canoe magic’ to give them a sense of control over the situation giving the illusion that now no bad can happen to ease tension and give confidence. The second...

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