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Assessment Tool Analysis

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Assessment tools are useful for nursing care as they can act as a guideline while trying to assess patients. Finding the right assessment tool to match the nursing care going to be given is important. All assessment tools may not match the type of care going to be given. It is important to evaluate the assessment tool not only to match the care, but also to make sure the tool is thorough and useful. The three assessment tools discussed in this essay are an admission assessment by Pamela Craig, a nursing needs assessment tool by the Department of Health Social Services and Public Safety, and a physical assessment tool by F.A. Davis.
The admission assessment by Pamela Craig was designed ...view middle of the document...

There is a section for notes or comments at the end of each section. It helps to determine problem areas as it has care plan numbers within each section. After research done on the tool, there were complaints about the format of the tool. Many participants didn’t like the design of the assessment form.
“They complained the pull-out or spreadsheet design made it difficult to complete when writing on a clipboard. As a result, physicians had trouble referring to their notes from previous pages, and nurses found it easy to miss entire sections because of the pull-out format. Task force members changed the design of the form before it was piloted in other areas.” (Pamela Baker, 2006 Pg. 26)

However, not all nurses complained about the assessment tool. Some found that the tool helped to speed up the admission process.
“Jean Wallace, RN, charge nurse for the medical unit, agrees. “The work of admitting patients has been simplified greatly with this assessment tool,” she says. “Each problem that is addressed with the patient is simplified by either choosing that problem and checking the questions that are listed or by simply checking the ‘no problem’ square. Each problem is color coded with the nursing diagnosis list which makes the process of choosing nursing diagnoses for each patient’s individual needs simpler.”” (Pamela Baker, 2006 Pg. 12)

This tool would be best used for nursing homes, hospitals, and any admissions into institutions. This tool is not specifically designed for any population, and would benefit a vulnerable population is they were to be admitted to an institution. It can be used through Watson’s Theory of nursing by establishing needs that need to be met for the patient.
The nursing needs assessment tool by the Department of Health Social Services and Public Safety is designed to make assessments of elderly patients that need to be placed in nursing homes.
“The tool is designed to encapsulate a systematic approach to assessment whilst at the same time embracing professional decision-making that takes place in the relationship between a nurse and another person. For this reason, the tool takes the assessment through a staged approach, moving from a general ‘narrative’ based assessment of ‘domains’ of care need to a focused assessment of aspects of risk and complexity.” (Department of Health Social...

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