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Assignment 1: Stakeholder Analysis And Scope Definition

281 words - 2 pages

Project Stakeholders |
Stakeholders | Interest | Influence | PotentialConflicts | Role | Objective | Strategy |
Abron B Brooks | (+1) | 5 | Competitive for resources with other functional mangers | Project sponsor & champion | Provide resources, approvals, and public support for the project

| To maintain
so that political
landmines can
be avoided

Helena M Kollie | 1 | 4 | As the marketing manager, Sell it is not pleased that this project was chosen over his proposed project. May ...view middle of the document...

Randolph | (-1) | 3 | Resources not made available as promise by functional managers | Lead Accountant | Account for money spend on project | Checking the account payable and receipt weekly, monthly and yearly to catch error |
Finda L Brooks | 0 | 1 | This project will slowly change a number of business processes | Lead Program Director | Manage the program success | Administer work and meeting with Project manger weekly |
Figure 1.1

Deliverable Definition |
Deliverable | Structure of Deliverable | Standards to Be Used | Authority for Approval | Resources Required to Complete this Project |
Business case

| Document
| As defined in the project methodology

| Project sponsor

| Business case team and office
automation (OA) tools

Physical and technical design
| Document | As defined in the project methodology

| Project manager and project sponsor

| System analyst, programmer, and case tool

Testing plan
| Document | As defined in the project methodology | Project manager | System analysts and OA tools

Figure 1.2

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