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497 words - 2 pages

BMAN 211: ASSIGNMENT [50 marks]

• This is an individual assignment.
• All answers should be typed.
• NO late assignments will be marked. NO excuses (not even a medical certificate) will be accepted.
• The hand-in dates for the different groups are given in the work programme on eFundi. You should hand in with your particular group.
• If your assignment is late and therefore not marked, you will receive a zero mark (not incomplete).
• If you are guilty of plagiarism (see the definition in your study guide) ALL parties involved will receive a zero mark and steps might be taken against you.
• Please note that an additional 5 marks will be allocated for technical editing, spelling, grammar and ...view middle of the document...

1 and 1.2 and if your surname is from N – Z answer questions 1.3 and 1.4.

1.1 Give an example of a typical low involvement buying situation in which you have been before. (2)
1.2 Describe how you went through the different stages of the consumer buying process when you acquired the item named in question 1.1. Your discussion should be presented in such a way that the difference between a low and high involvement situation becomes clear. The marks allocated to the different steps are as follows:
(a) Need recognition (3)
(b) Information search (3)
(c) Alternative evaluation (3)
(d) Purchase (2)
(e) Post-purchase behaviour (2)

1.3 Give an example of a typical high involvement buying situation in which you have been before. (2)
1.4 Describe how you went through the different stages of the consumer buying process when you acquired the item named in question 1.3. Your discussion should be presented in such a way that the difference between a high and low involvement situation becomes clear.
(a) Need recognition (3)
(b) Information search (3)
(c) Alternative evaluation (3)
(d) Purchase (2)
(e) Post-purchase behaviour (2)

Question 2 [15]
Please do review question 2 on page 98 of the textbook. Follow the instructions of the information needed from you regarding the Black Diamonds. Remember, presenting the facts should be in your own words (see the section on plagarism in your study guide). If you do not attach the required copy of the information you have used, you will lose marks. Your discussion should not exceed one page.

Question 3 [15]

Please do review question 2 on page 122 of the textbook (labels of Milo and Handy Andy). Only answers provided in a table will be marked.


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