Assignment 4: Ecology

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Assignment 4: |
Ecology |
Jason Hall |
12/2/2012 |
SCI 110
Professor Brian Mccann

Assignment 4: Ecology

I live in the Common Wealth of Kentucky. Kentucky is part of the temperate deciduous forest biome. This biome is found primarily in eastern North America. The average amount of rainfall per year is between 30-40 inches and rainfall occurs throughout the year. The pre-dominate plants in the region are large trees which lose their leaves during the fall. These trees are deciduous, hence the name temperate deciduous forest biome. The climate in Scott County, Ky (the specific county where I live) is in zone 6 according to the Department of Agriculture’s ...view middle of the document...

Industrialization has already greatly affected the environment of all the animal species in Scott County. The Kentucky State Data Center projects that the citizen population will increase by 44% by 2050 (Cooper, 2012). This will likely increase the housing demand in the region. The increase in demand will cause pressure to the rural areas of the county as more land will be needed for housing.
The demographics of human population have changed dramatically for Scott County. In the 1980’s the county grew as a typical satellite county to the much larger county of Fayette. This changed when Toyota Motor Manufacturing of America, chose Georgetown (the largest city in Scott County), as its location to build its first manufacturing plant outside of Japan. The plant began automobile production in 1988 (Hisle, 2011). From 1990 to 2000 Scott County showed the highest growth rate of any county in the state, increasing 34.7%. This increase has led to an increase in housing as well as industrial zoned land. In addition, Scott County has one high school, an alternative learning center, three middle schools and five elementary schools in order to teach the many children that populate this county.
One of the specific factors that distinguish Scott County’s ecology and environment is the climate changes due to greenhouse gases. Kentucky’s greenhouse gas emissions rose 34% from 1990-2005 while national emissions only rose 16% (Bush, 2011). The excess greenhouse gas is partly because of the high use of coal. Kentucky produces much of its own coal, because of the availability and the low cost; coal is one of the most used energy source in the state. Extra greenhouse gas does have a negative impact to include stronger, more frequent storms, with higher levels of precipitation. In addition, the time between these storms will decrease which could cause a higher likeliness of flooding in this region.
Kentucky has some very interesting geology throughout the state. The Cincinnati Arch formation occurred when faults between Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio collided. The...

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