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Assignment 6 Cipd Foundation Cert

748 words - 3 pages


Name: Elizabeth Johns

Centre Name: ICS

ICS Student Number: 20979048

CIPD Student Number: 44660133

Qualification Title: CIPD Foundation Certificate in Human Resource Practice
Unit Title: Developing Yourself as an Effective HR/L&D Practioner
Unit Code: 4DEP
Assignment Number: 40552/06

Candidate declaration:
‘I confirm that the work/evidence presented for assessment is my own unaided work.’

I have read the assessment regulations and understand that if I am found to have ‘copied’ from published work without acknowledgement, or from other candidate’s work, this may be regarded as plagiarism which is an offence against the assessment regulations and ...view middle of the document...

HR professionals have to help balance employee and business needs by being proactive and identifying issues before they happen. Managers work with HR to help them with their most challenging issues including motivation, change and skills development.

The needs of employees and managers may sometimes be conflicting. Managers require high levels of service from their employees by maximising production and requiring longer working hours whereas employees want more time off and more focus on home / life expectations. HR professionals work with Managers and employees to find the right balance. To prioritise conflicting needs effectively HR professionals would focus on the overall needs of the organisation and ensure that appropriate workers are recruited and retained perhaps by providing an effective reward system. Providing good communication, staff development and training and monitoring customer satisfaction should also maximise productivity.

Face-to-Face verbal communication is the best method as it allows you to interact with the listener in a 2 way discussion. You can look at non-verbal gestures and expressions. However this method does have the potential for a conflict to become more heated or emotional.

Telephone communication is good when distance prevents a face to face discussion as it is still verbal and allows immediate interaction between two parties. However the lack of nonverbal facial expressions remove the more personal elements of the message...

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