Assignment Brief

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Assignment Brief.

|Brief: |
| |
|You are required to conduct an independent investigation into an issue currently facing the creative industries (such as those aspects and issues identified during the lectures and seminars). Themes might include, for | ...view middle of the document...

This investigation must include a semi-structured interview with a senior member or a company or |
|organization. Your findings must be presented in a 12-15-minute video essay. |
| |
|Your interviewee may be, for example: |
|A director of a small or large company that offers services or products related to your own practice. |
|A freelance professional in your discipline. |
|A manager of a creative team within a larger organization. |
|A service provider who engages with the creative economies. |
|A policy-maker whose decisions impact the creative economies. |
| |
|Before your interview you must complete an ethics form and participant information sheet, which must be signed by your interviewee. |
| |
|Your interview questions should be informed by research, conducted beforehand, about the interviewee’s role and wider issues in the creative economy that affect his or her sector. You should discuss the interviewee’s |
|own role as well as wider issues affecting his or her role. |
| ...

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