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Attrition Essay

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TOPIC: Attrition in organizations

Group 7:
Rahul Kumar Gupta: 12P157
Rajesh Choudhary: 12P158
Rajiv Gupta: 12P159
Rakshit Sharma: 12P160
Ravi Goel: 12P161
Ravi Kant Singla: 12P162

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Experience in a field is very important for better performance. New employees lack this and this might lead to some pitfalls during their work. If there is high attrition, it also results in a negative impact on new employees about the work environment of the company.

Attrition is not bad always if it happens in a controlled manner. Some attrition is always desirable and necessary for organizational growth and development. The only concern is how organizations differentiate “good attrition” from “bad attrition”. The term “healthy attrition” or “good attrition” signifies the importance of less productive employees voluntarily leaving the organization. This means if the ones who have left fall in the category of low performers, the attrition in considered being healthy. Also, new employees bring new ideas, approaches, abilities & attitudes which can keep the organization from becoming stagnant. In this era of globalization, it is very important for a company and its employees to be updated with the latest developments around the world and act accordingly. An organization can achieve this better with new generation employees.

Project Details

In this project, we target to cover various aspects of Attrition at an organization.

We plan to study various factors that lead to attrition in an organization. Factors and their relevance may vary from industry to industry and also based upon gender and age group.

Post this study, we will analyze the distinguishing factors based upon age, gender and industry and draw conclusions over the comprehended data using various theories like "Maslow's need theory", "Theory X and Theory Y", "McClelland's need theory".

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