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Audience Analysis

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Audience Analysis Paper
Autumn Justice
August 16, 2010

Audience Analysis
To properly be ready to give a quality presentation there are a few steps of preparation in order to provide our quarterly sales information. This information will be presented at an in person meeting to a group of stakeholders, including managers and sales people. I have to be well prepared on how im going to communicate to these individuals in the appropriate manner. The questions that follow will be answered in this paper: What characteristics of the audience must I consider? What communication channels are appropriate? What are some considerations ...view middle of the document...

The speaker’s goal is to communicate information to the audience by providing them valuable information that will change the attitudes, knowledge, or behavior towards a subject. Different methods are used in communicating information such as: cell phones, e-mails, written memos, voice mails, or face-to-face meetings. The channel of communication chosen drives the impact of the information given from the speaker. The channels that I would consider might include verbal, non-verbal, and pictorial with charts and graphs displaying the quarterly sales information. Not all channels of communication are appropriate for every message. Appropriateness conveys who, why, where, what, when, and how. Analyzing these factors determines the context and purpose behind the communication. Understanding the appropriateness and effectiveness of presentation will help in developing a foundation for effective communication. (Schermerhorn, Jr., Hunt &, Osborn, 2002) Feedback or responses are tools that create a forum for both the speaker and the audience to communicate regarding the intended message. Learning communication requires practice, which begins with the art of listening, displaying appropriate body language, awareness of voice inflection and demonstrating interest when others are speaking.

Diverse Audience
Having an open-minded view of acceptance towards other people and cultures is the key to the success of communicating with a diverse audience. it is encouraged to to eliminate stereotypes and prejudices of all types. “Each individual has a unique style, influenced by a personal history of many influences such as geographic region, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, occupation, religion, and age—as well as a unique personality and spirit”. (Nelton, 1995). Some considerations to keep in mind when speaking to a diverse group is gender, education, race, age, etc that will help find a way to communicate and understand all the aspects of the diverse group so that you reach out to each member of the audience. Most of the differences are based on ones moral and ethical backgrounds and need to be considered to build relationships and communicate effectively. A...

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