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Autism Essay

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Learning expectances is a part of life that every individual will face as they go through life. Some Parents who have a child with a disorder or disability may find it to be challenge. It human nature to compare your children against other children from the day they are born. When parents find out the diagnosis of their child having Autism, you start to blame yourself, and child world will shift. Some of the problems that exist with Autism frequent ...view middle of the document...

Autism can strain and stress family members. Parents may find this problem difficult to discuss with outsiders. Grant funding for individuals with Autism recognizing there are multiples needs for children with Autism, such as bring awareness to communities who are impacted by Autism. Grant proposal award is in the amount of $600,000 with 27 organizations in need of funding helps with therapies and treatment services in Texas. Low- income high school students with ADS diagnosis and those that take care of them are able to receive help from Insurance resource centers, grant funding to help cover others needed.
One of the problems find with services is transfer from security of federally mandated services to public school services, adult services, and post secondary educations. These problems must be address as a child goes through life. Transitional planning for his or her life path should begin in the early teen years, and involve parents with the help of EIP team to make formal decisions.
Community grant awards start at $24,795.00 from The Heart of Texas to help fund a child with Autism.

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